Hi! I'm Sid Yost a.k.a. Ranger Kelly,
Head Animal Coordinator with Amazing Animal Productions.
Welcome to Amazing Animal Productions!
Please take a look at my IMDb resume HERE.
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More Movies That Have Featured Animal Actors From Amazing Animal Productions

12 Years a Slave

Devil's Due

Timber Starring in East Bound and Down

What animal actors do you need for your feature, TV series, TV pilot, commercial, etc.?
We can make sure you have any animal actor you need, no matter how big or how small.
We have over 35 years of working in front of cameras.
Just give us a call and we will get to work right away on providing you a bid.
Call us at (310) 990-3538 or shoot us an email.

The Gates
Our wolves Timber, Glacier, &
Dakota - We also provided deer,
horses, and giant millipedes!

Furry Vengeance
Provided grizzly bear,
ferrets, raccoons, fox,
birds of prey, and skunks

The Spy Next Door
Provided pot belly pig
and house cats.

The Book of Eli
Provided cats, dogs,
and barn animals.

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to see more credits.

Production Portfolio

ALDF and Sidney Yost have reached a settlement of all litigation between them, with both sides denying the other's allegations and neither side admitting any liability. For additional information,click this link.

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